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Linux 10mbit connection - rates?
I have been running a server on my broadband internet connection for quite sometime now and hardly have problems.

EventScripts 1.2.1

Server 1Ghz, 768MB ram

900kpps UP
12000kps DOWN


Latley a lot of people over a large geogrpahical area have been joining my server and causing it to lag.... MOST people spings will jumpo very high and evtuanlly everyone will get kicked (I use mani)

I have these rates in my server.cfg:
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 20
sv_maxrate 8000
sv_minrate 6000

I have seen a few other commands that I am not sure about and havent used...

What are these and should I use them?


I also have tried to use AceRates for evenscripts, but Im not sure what to set the rates to and have had no success...
most important of all, what's the amount of player slots and what is the tickrate?

also on a side note, clients do NOT lag servers.
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that's 10Mb down but only 900k up, unless you are running 100tick (and I don't recommend that with a 1Ghz proc) you don't need sv_maxupdaterate to be 100

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