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Lag server at the begining of a Round

i've a problem Sad

my server is on a Bi-Xeon processors with 2Gb RAM
with no limit on the connection (100 - 1Gb) on internet.
Win 2000 server for the OS (i know..i know..)

My problem is that on each begining of rounds when i've more than 14 slots used, the server's FPS fall to 4 or 5 .
theres's only One server start on the host.

i've tried to play with the rate , updaterate, maxupdaterate etc etc .but
no more result.
i've no pluggin installed on the server

My processors never go over 50 % and the RAM is OK (1,5 Gb available).

the problem appear with all the servers tickrate (66,100)

i've sawn this pb since 2 or 3 updates of steam, before no matter with the lag.

did someone have a solution ? or experience the same Pb ?

thank you
I know your system is under the most load at the beginning of a round because everyone is alive, and everyone is busy.
I know when my FPS drops, it's my CPU that's capping out. When my CPU caps out it only shows as 50% because it's HT. What speed are your Xeons?

my 2 Xeon are 3,2 Ghz speed

but my lag begin when tehere's more than 12 players ...
i've had some runtime error in a past update of steam that could be a reason ?

for information , on the same server i had before 3 servers CSS with 26 slots ...end never a lag ...
So i don't understand why now...
no one else has an idea ? ...
What's changed since you used to run all those servers? Have you done a re-format since? Have you tried following the "Lag Free Server Guide" found on this site? What is the server FPS at the beginning of the rounds?
i've made nothing on the server, just steam update , i've no re-format
At the end of a round my server has 450 FPS , but at the begining the falling to 10 !!!

but a host who had run 3 servers in the same time , who's going to lag after a update...
i don't think it was an hardware problem

i'm wonder of the hyperthreading on the processors , i've heard that a update of steam could make pb.
Allways turn off Hypertrading (via the bios) for gameservers !

Also it's dual xeon (2 x cpu) and not bi (4 x cpu)
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Nope sorry 4xCPU (Bi xeon )

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