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1 x 40 or 2 x 24?

We currently run a 40 player server but size of maps (and spawnpoints) and clients having a hard time to handle that many players have made us thinking about lowering maxplayers abit. Standard would be a 32 player server but where thinking of 2 x 24 players. That would give the clients better speed, improve gameplay and also reduce the "join-wait-time" for connecting clients then a single 32 player server would (when we ran a 32 player setup wait time could be over 1 hour during prime time to get a slot on the server).

Would 2 x 24 CS: Source servers be more stressful to the server then a single 40 player one? Seems like everytime one passes maxplayers 32 lag gets introduced, even if the clients/server/connection aint loaded.

Server specs:

2 x Xeon 2.8GHz
Dedicated I-pipe with 20Mbit/s down/upstream capacity

So, let me know what you think


Your server can easily handle 2 x 24 players at max rates & tickrate 66. I bet even 2 x 32 slots tickrate 66 will do just fine.
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2x 24 is less stressful than 1x40
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