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Running 2 servers?
running 2 servere?
Hi i want to know, can i run 2 servere at the samme instillaton? i mean. i have installed cs source at my server.. i want to run 2 servers with port: 27016 and 27017. but i dont want the samme settings at the server. if you guys know what i mean. hehe. but i dont want to install it 2 times. can i do that? and how? i hope so some one want to help me. Big Grin

I am very srry for my bad english. Big Grin
As far as i know, you cannot. but even if you could i would not reccomend it.
you can probably do it with the +exec server.cfg and +exec server2.cfg in the startup line. but it's easy enough just to install it once and copy the contents of the whole folder to another directory. it's not that hard. just do a "cp folder1 folder2" and wait a couple minutes.
Ineed you can run multiple servers with different configuration by adding +exec server.cfg and +exec server2.cfg
Thing is you cant configure addons for each server. They will be the same.
I used to run 4 servers on 1 install, it worked fine. But it's easier to copy the folder and use a seperate one for each server.
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