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Primefarm CS UK server hosting
Hosting for CS:S at the moment only - all source titles and HL1 titles coming soon!

I am setting up a hosting service and am accepting sign ups for a Free month and £18/month for 12 slot server after, just pm me on these boards if you are interested.

All servers in the UK based at london datacentres sitting right on the UK backbone for blistering connection and low pings.

The free month is a bonus for clients who want to sign up for a 4 month period or more (discounts available for long subs periods) before the service goes live. During this free month there may be ocassional outages while I fine tune my systems for optimum performance. All servers run on 100mbit dedicated links with low CPU contention allowing for maximum performance.

Servers available with most mods installed free of charge on request. Server sizes range from 10-32 slot pricing is based on a per-slot scheme. The more slots you purchase for your server, the larger the discount for bulk buy. Servers can be private/public and there is full FTP access for configs.
Hosting can be purchased at £3 a month with mySQL and php as standard.

Any questions/comments please pm me on these boards.


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