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I am in the process of installing SRCDS on my newly installed Ubuntu Server PC. My question is, if I also install/setup a FTP server on the same PC, can I host my map files there for people to download? Im new to Linux and server PCs so I dont know a whole lot about them yet, or if my idea will work.
no I'm sorry, sv_downloadurl only works with HTML.
I know it sucks, I would rather have FTP too.
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Setting up httpd isn't hard. You may however might need to change the default listen port set in httpd.conf most ISP's block port 80 using port 8080 should work, just remember to add :8080 next to your IP for sv_downloadurl
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But would hosting download maps on the same server not cause lag in game ?

I ask as Im interested in this possibility, but dont want to have the game server(s) lag when someone downloads a map.
It will cause lag if you host a lot of servers or if you bandwith isn't sufficient (e.g. like with home connections).
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apt-get install apache
edit httpd.conf
Listen YOURIP:8080
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I already got it!!! Haven't put any maps there yet though!

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