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Remote Admin Console?
Is there a way to remotely admin my dedicated server without installing HL2/CS-Source?

Basically, I run 2 servers and spend most of my time at work or on a laptop. Neither my work machine nor my laptop will run HL2/CS-Source. I have steam installed on both.

What I am looking for is a stand alone console that will allow me to connect to a server by IP without running the game.
run linux as os, run your servers in screen, then connect to them with putty or an other ssh client Smile
To be (an admin), or not to be (an admin), that is the Question. steam linux install guide for cs 1.6
yeah, but for some reason i found servers not running screen tend to run smoother. maybe thats just me, but it happened on 1 fc3 server (wasn't mine, i got paid to set it up fully) 1 gentoo server, and 1 Freebsd server.
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