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Hey all

I did what lag free tutorial said. and my server lags even by lan. It's not really lag like connection just like de_dust's lagging for bad graphic card.

and some ppl play my server their ping is 200+, for 200+ ping they won't lag like 70+.... how do i fix this
Well, we will need to know a few things.

Your connection speed (Both Up and Down)
Server Hardware
Operating System
Also, posting your Server.cfg would be a really big help too.

(remember to take out your rcon password)
just a side note, servers do not use graphic cards Wink
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Are you playing on the same pc as the server is running on? - Cause this can cause lagg if you play on the same pc

Troy. Smile
Drocona Wrote:just a side note, servers do not use graphic cards Wink

I mean lagging like when you play dedust2

and yes i'm playing on same computer i never thought it will lag like that Sad
Laggin like you play de_dust2? I have a constant 100 fps (with fps_max 100 clientside) so don't get your point.

And if I can guess: your PC hardly can play CSS without running a server on it, so def not with one. The only setup when this is possible without lag and so is on a desktop with a decent and recent dualcore CPU setup (X2, Pentium D, Intel Conroe and/or better).
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ahhhhhhhhh........I mean de_dust1

sry typo

and yeah I'm using stupid pentium D w/ 2 gb ram
my pentiumD lags too. and its a 3.2ghz 64nm. i gave up in the end, random lag spikes just got too me too much. went back to amd single core.

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