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MOTD Opening links outside CSS!
I got my MOTD up and running great, no prob. Im just wondering how to link to URLs that will close out CSS and open the link in IE or defult browser or somthing. If I just make a link, it will take the player to that url inside the ingame browser.

My MOTD.txt is a redirect to an HTML version, if that makes any difference. Any ideas?
not possible.
The engine cannot control your computer, it's limits are inside the game.
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oh ok. I thought I rememberd the defult CS one kicking you out and taking you to Guess we'll have to make do untill we get a less ugly URL Toungue
i believe that mani will do that for you,
We already have mani installed, but I have never seen anytihng like that on the website. Oh, and now our MOTD scrollbar is broken... again... like everyone elses... arg.

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