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Srcds stability problem

I'm currently hosting 4 CSS servers on my Linux machine... first, the server were running great... no tickrate drops or any lag.
But after a week or 3 my servers started to have some serious laggspikes (the screens of all players freeze for 2-10 seconds) as you will all probably understand, this is really annoying! Smile
So does anyone know this problem or knows how to solve it?

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Tryed rebooting them?
Yeah, even did a complete reinstall and now I'm running only 2 servers anymore, but I still have laggspikes on random moments
Can you tell what's causing the lag?
is it Choke that skyrockets, low FPS, low tickrate?
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None of those but i've found out that it happens every 5minutes and not with everyone... it's not really a problem with choke ... the screen just freezes and then after not even 2 seconds it just continues.
I think it's a problem with the routing to the server ... my colocation host is trying to find the problem at the moment.

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