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DCHP Server Problem, Server not responding.
Hey everyone, you have probably seen my old thread in this forum regarding my problems with the DHCP server, etc. As in when my DCHP server is up, my network is up but my server is down. Then when i switch off the DCHP server my network is down however my server works (only on the computer that the DCHP is turned off from).

My other thread was in this forum but it got mysteriously deleted. I didn't breach any regulations so the person that did delete it please come forward and explain. To anyone that has any suggestions for how to fix my problem please post here. Somebody was suggesting doing a DMZ connection except the thread is now gone so i have lost the instructions.

Thanks for your help,

Yes you can set DMZ to your IP, this will "expose" the pc you put it on. This will let you host the server without port forwarding, it's really easy. It should just be an option in your router. Click it, set your Ip and your done.
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