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Connecting to my Dedicated server : some can, some cant.

I can run the srcds.exe fine and i can connect to it(duh). But, when i type "status" in the console window, the ip address that comes up is "". That address is the LAN address on my pc(Default gateway being Im pretty sure that - 255.255 wont ever be seen outside of LAN's (i dont really know though), so i didnt think that anyone would be able to connect to my server. I went ahead and gave some of my friends the ip address from and that didnt work. I tried using (which is really confusing by the way) and that didnt work. I've forwarded all of the correct ports( no thanks to my confusing router, netgear for the lose)

BUT, There have been a few people who were able to connect...

I didnt give them any ip to connect to, they were just random people. So there's obviously some sort of valid ip address out there that people are able to connect to (i geuss?!?!?).

Soooo, any help with finding what ip people are connecting to....or how to set up one that will work would be great. = )

(im sure ive left out some kind of critical information, so just ask if you need something.)

hmm if people can connect to it... it should be working.

try searching for the name of your server at
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