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Hey guys, im having a little problem. Its with mani admin plugin but i go to like edit my adminlist and stuff and its labeled adminlist.txt.old and i make a new one and copy the stuff in and it still changes it into adminlist.txt.old

What could this be? Any help would be much appreciated.

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that's because it's old

you should use clients.txt
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Thanks Drocona, i see that that is the file it uses now but does it import the stuff from the .old files cuz i see my admins in there. Its kinda hard to see the way the clients.txt file is arranged though. Is there a better way to see it?
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it imports the first time you start the new mani up. you can always close mani, rename the .old to .txt put everything in, delete the clients.txt and start it up so it can create a new one.
you can rename the file and remove .txt

This will also update the file on all new entries/changes to the file(s).

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