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Confused - Half Life 2 Garrys Mod
I keep getting this error when running Garry's Mod. Please help. Thanks

Engine Error

MountFilesystem( 241 ) failed: SteamMountFilesystem(2496,241,0x11afd74) failed with error 5: No Steam Content Servers are available
Are you running the srcds server from the steam client?
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I'm uncertain of what srcds even means. I just know I get that error message when I try to open Garry's Mod 9 from the steam client.

On another post I saw something similar to this, but it said I had to download some kind of hlsupdatetool.exe file or program, whatever it is. I tried downloading it but I do not know how to work it. How would I get this working and would it solve my error problem?
Ok, are you trying to play the game or run a server here?
(Sorry if it sounds dumb but just to be clear)
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srcds = Source Dedicated Server

looks like to me that you dont even have a server installed o0 have you got a server installed?

Edit: eww Dracona replyed to ^^ and same in Draconas post are you trying to run a server
I'm just trying to play the game. If installing a server is apart of that then I have not done that yet. How would I do this?
Nope you dont need a server to play the game even tho this forum is for servers

-Do you have the propa Half-Life 2 installed not the Demo the hole game?
I have the whole game oof Half Life 2. I bought it from steam, but I recently read that I would also need Counter-Strike: Source and Deathmatch inorder to play Garry's Mod. So I guess I'll have to buy thiose as well. Anyways, sorry for the trouble and thanks for the answers. Later

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