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Server Legs with this configuration
Please Help.
My Computer is a 3.2GB P4 HT with 4GB Ram, 256MB Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT Graficcart.
Cable Speed is 4000/400

my settings in server cfg are:
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minrate 4000
sv_minupdaterate 25
sv_maxupdaterate 33
fps_max 600

and in the commandline i have put
-tickrate 33
after 6 Players he lagg...
what i can change?
thx in advance

(sry for my englisch Rolleyes )
You use a fpsboots?

and you could try using "ratetweak" you need Metamod:Source for this!
troyton Wrote:You use a fpsboots?

and you could try using "ratetweak"  you need Metamod:Source for this!

i use metamod v 1.3

how i use ratetweak/fpsboots?
i dont know about this option.
thx Shy
ps: i have mani admin plugin, metamod, eventscripts.... this all works fine.... all the newest versions
and fastdl
Right here are soom links,

For all the Metamod:Source Mods -

For the Metamod:Source Fpsboost -

For Metamod:Source Ratetweak -

Hope this Helps Troy.

Edit: you instal them link any other Metamod:Source plugin!
thx i like to try this.
my fps on the server are in the console like 511/498fps
With the Fpsboost you should get more ^^
thx the plugins works fine on the server.
Now i try to play /configure the plugins

Thx a lot
Ok nice hope to hear if it works

What is your IP il come play aswell ^^ Feel like playing some css
the fps on the console are the sames 511/508 may stable.
i hope better is the gameplay.
and the cvarx i have also on the server.... (meta list) autor sslice i hope this dont make the server slowly (cvarx)
hehe Wink
thx for your help... nice and helpfull forum.... ! positive
hehe lol, Dont forget to pass on the site URL ^^
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Am I the only one that notices he's running a maxrate of 25k on a 400kbps upload connection?
That's way too high and I'm sure that causes loads of lag. Use a maxrate of 9000 for 6 players
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Ok. Thx Drocona i like to try this one....sv_maxrate 9000
yes i think too, i have tomoutch players on the server for this connectiontype.
I try to make a max of 8 players on the server...

sry for double/triple posting in the Forum

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