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Hello people!

I finally found out howto install SRCDS. I install all the files, the srcds install look me about 1 hour and 30mins. I started it up and its working fine! But only one problem in it: As i fought that srcds would be more lagg free than the steam>tools>source dedi. server - I dont know what is happening. I start my srcds server up and its working fine, when now my friend join it, about 2-4 people it start to get really laggy! Much more than the one under steam>tools, could play 4 players whit small lag. Anyone knows what there is wrong or what i can do? Maybe is the steam>tools program better to run a dedi. server from?

hmm you probably didn't configure the standalone SRCDS correctly.

SRCDS and the steam one are actually the same thing (They are both the Source Dedicated Server) except that the SRCDS you're talking about uses it's own files (we call this the standalone version).

The standalone is much better than the steam one. From what I read, it seems you are running the server and game from the same machine, this is not a good idea, it will start to lag real fast depending on your computer specs. Don't play and host on the same machine unless you run a listen server.
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The Steam one and the standalone one are the same. expect the files aren't compressed in the standalone one.

Just a question: Is it possible to run the steam one in console mode, too?
oh thats why i think i have lagg, i play on same..

and yes you can run steam in console window :

"-console -game cstrike"

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