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Web-Interface Question
Hi my friends.

I have a question:

Is it possible to show up the console on a website?

i wanna built a kind of webinterface for our admins.

they should be able to send rcon commands to the server (done)

and they should have a look at the console.

or maybe you can tell me some good free interfaces exept webmin and mani-webadmin

and please dont post something like: "try google" or "try search function on this page" cause if i hadnt do that, i wont post my question here.

greetings, danny

p.s: sry for my bad english, im from germany Wink
Sending rcon to the server is probably the maximum you can do via the web.
You can't show the console in a web application, well a up to date console (realtime)

I don't think any game server panels are free except the one from cpanel, tho you need cpanel for that, cpanel costs alot. So if you have cpanel already it's free.

And don't worry about your english Wink
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It could be done, but probably really hard. I know the people at TCAdmin did it with their control panel (I use it too), shows traceroutes/steam updates console in virtually real time.

But if you don't want it online (On a site) use HLSW. It works pretty well, but disconnects often. Does the job though.
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