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Right, i am renting a dedicated server from a server company - using OS Windows 2003 standard edition.

Specs are:

Dual core AMD 4800+
2gb ddr2 ram

I have two servers running - one at port 27015 and the other at port 27035

I cant remember exactly, i heard something about spacing the ports by 20 due to VAC 2.

Is that correct - or can i have the spacing between the servers' ports to be smaller?
From what I have heard it really doesn't matter.Then I have also heard that you need to have some spacing. When I ran servers on a dedicated box, I just spaced them out by like 2, and I never had any problems.
I used 27015,16,17 and 18 on 1 machine, all were VAC secured...
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Off topic, thats a pretty good server. How much did it cost you :|
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