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Minimize SRCDS to tray??

Now my server is running perfectly with MS-DOS batch scripts, the only thing now is that my taskbar is looking cluttered, with 3 MS-DOS windows open, i just want to know if there is a flag or something that i can add to the start up to make the icons go to the tray... where they are out of the way...??

This would be really helpful if someone could tell me...


There's no built in option that does this.
There might be a program but I'm not sure, I do know that you can run the SRCDS as a service. You might want to try that.
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The only way I really know of is you can use server checker to run the server, and I believe with that you can hide the srcds window, and then server checker itself can be minimized to the system tray. I'm pretty sure thats how it was anyways. Its been awhile since I used it. Just google serverchecker and you should get it.
Thanks I'll give that a go now.

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