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I own a "WBR-1310" D-link and a "27000hg-e". Both have firewalls, and both block EVERYTHING. The only allowed to bypass to the interent are MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer, and STEAM client. Not CSTRIKE, X-FIRE, LIMEWIRE, FIREFOX, none of the other programs related to the internet work.. Is there a way to shut off a Router's firewalls? I've done all the best, of which don't work. Help, I know people with the same problem.
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really, i don't know much about d-link routers, but i know enough to know that they suck, and are really hard to work with and get working how you want. So if I was you.. I would get a better router. Or dedicate a PC to run something like smoothwall and just get a switch. Thats what I have running right now.
Switches make life easy!

Using switches here too, everytime someone says router my mind flies away to the time I threw mine in the dumpster Toungue
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usually there i a way to turn off the firewall on all routers. in the web admin page check for a security link and see if there is a way to turn off the firewall there. but for some reason this doesnt seem like a firewall problem. have you tried hooking it up without the router and see if it work then.
yes, i love switches, the only reason why i even have a router is just as a last resort if i have a problem with my pc runnin smoothwall. D-link though has all sorts of problems with just about everything they make. I work at a state farm help desk and they distributed d-link usb hubs to all the agents, and we have had soo many problems with them even. So even if it isn't a router issue, I suggest either getting a better router, or go all out and set up a gateway pc with smoothwall. hell i use an old 533 mhz with 256mb of mem running smoothwall and it gives way better performance and stability then any other router I have tried.

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