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I would like to know the rates for a 66tick 18 slot Ded Server.
what is your upload?
eh Dunno, the server is running on a intel pentium 4 Duo 1.8 GHz, and the Server and panel Daemon is the ONLY things running on it.....
you can't set rates until you know your upload, go here:

and do a speedtest (from the server of course), download doesn't matter it's your upload that does.
A Pentium 4 Duo? You mean a Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86GHz?

Anyway you need to know your uploads. With a dynamic IP and limited upload capacity, I wouldn't recommend it for anything serious. Best is to set it to 33 tick 12 slot or something. And don't have client/server on same machine, you might have problems with lag.
[Image: linkinboxtf0.jpg]
4.8mb x 588k
Any update on what my rates should be?
yup, go here:

look at the chart for bandwidth vs rate vs slots, you're looking at 6 slots at 10000 rate, 8 at 7500 or 12 at 5000, that's at maximum usage. you may be able to squeeze a couple more slots in at each rate.

remember it's your upload that matters, NOT your download. take 588Kb and look up the next lower number in the charts.
I suggest running 8 players on 8000 sv_maxrate. You will come into choke heave when you run 12 players on 5000 Wink
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