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random ports
Hi guys

I'm trying to host a dedicated cs:s server with the port 27015 but I have a mysterious problem

Each time the server restart, the port is never 27015 but a random number between 60000-65000. Anyone can join my server with no problem everything is fine except this random port choice.

If my server always change his port number, it's hard for people to keep it in their favorite list.

I'm sure it's a router configuration problem because my config is loaded correctly. And I repeat that people can join my server without problem so the problem is only for the random port number.

Thanks in advance Big Grin
do you have -port 27015 in your command line?
KevinIN72 Wrote:do you have -port 27015 in your command line?

I use this command line to start my server

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate -port 27015

I'm not an expert in this so maybe this command line is wrong ??
looks right. Maybe in your router u havnt forwarded ports 1200, 2700-27015, 27016-27040?
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yes check your port forwaing in your router, that's the problem.

Also remove -autoupdate from th command line because it doesn't do anything on windows.
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Do you happen to have a D-Link router?  See this thread:

Looks like an issue with D-Link routers.
yes, if you have a d-link router the only thing i have had work is downgrading the firmware, but even that doesn't always work. The easiest way to fix it is to get a new router Big Grin

I have heard of a couple other random routers that also forward to uncommon ports, can't remember which ones though.
Yes I have a D-Link DI-524

Maybe this is the problem but before I had a D-Link DI-604 and everything was working.

I forward port 27000-27015 and 27020...I will try with the other ports

Thank you for your answers

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