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Getting FTP For My Dedicated server
I run my clans server off my secondary computer and i want a guy in it to have acces to ftp so i was wondering how icould upload the files of my server to an ftp server Thanks!

ps i browsed through the forums up to pg 15 , and the search doesnt work on my comp
You will have to install a FTP server on the computer the SRCDS server is running on.
There are multiple free FTP services, just google for FTP server.

Then when you install the FTP server add an account for the guy/gal you want to give access and set the correct directory (example: C:\SRCDS) to give him/her access to the server on your computer. Now he/she can edit your files, cfg's etc... everything that's in that folder you set.

Now let him/her connect to the IP the server is running on only put FTP:// infront of it and you're set.
NOTE: If you're behind a router you have to forward the FTP port 21
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ftp server = I used it before and i kinda liked it.. its free

as far as a ftp client. i used to use smartftp which i belive the site for that is
Ask that kind of question and you will get a million answers. I use FileZilla FTP (Sourceforge) using about 150 users, piece of cake to setup and use, and it's free for non commercial.
IIS uses almost no load and is built in in w2k3.
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Hollanda Wrote:IIS uses almost no load and is built in in w2k3.

Toungue I used IIS for a bit, and hated it. lol. but thats just a matter of preference. what i did was found as many as i could, installed them all in a test enviroment, and just picked out which one i liked best. and what i thought had the best results with the little testing i did.

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