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Slots Vs. Tickrate
Hey everyone, i had heard that if you have a 32 slot 100 tick rate server that it would be better to run the server at a 66 tick. Is this true and if so what would it do to make it better?
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as far as I know it really doesn't matter how many slots, it doesn't directly reflect at all on the tickrate. The only thing is running that many slots on a pc with 100 tick can cause problems just because of the performance demands. That and last I heard 100 tick can start to cause some od, random issues on some set ups. I have always just used 66 tick on my servers. It has about the same outcome (still plenty for a pub) but saves the hardware a lot.

Keep in mind I have been out of the loop for a little while. This may of changed, but i doubt it.
Thanks alot skeletor, i think i might pull the server down to 66 i mean we have a really good box but it is running more then just the src server.
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Just as skeletor said,

There are sme unknown lag issues, it's weird everything seems to be running ok if you look at stats of the server but ingame you get a really weird kinda lag. This doesnt always happen but it is known to happen above 20 slots I thought... So I think best to do is run 66 tick. Then you're sure it's right Smile
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It all depends wether your box can cope at the end of the day
Thanks everyone for your help, and thanks for that link jonnydog its very very informative. I noticed that my tickrate isnt even at 100 when i have it set to 100 i dont know if its because my client isnt set to 100 tick or something but im only running at 66.
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