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Checkin upload
is there any cmd i cna use in game that will let me see how much upload im using..or how much upload each client is takin fomr me...or any outside program that can help me fond out how much upload im using while the my server is runnin?
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if you're on a server that is rented, the provider should give you mrtg graphs, if it's for your own server there's plenty of free ones you can use. just google for "bandwidth check" or "bandwidth meter"
what ISP would you guys recommend i wanna be able to run a server ..and that offers hi upload ...umm im currently using OptOnline...offer 2mp at $49..but it violate the agreement if i run any kinda server ... if i use th 2mp they said they will cut it down ...if they think im runnin a server on which one can i use that allows me to run a server...and offers hi upload..preff.. higher then 4mb..ty
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Wtf your being ripped off, you pay 49$ to get 2mbps UPLOAD which is REAL good but when you use 2mbps they cut you off?? WTF?

Also 2mbps is already rare to find and very expensive normally getting 4 is even more... (that is if we are both talking about upload and not down...)
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This is their terms of use...umm yeah they told me if i use my upload too much then they will cap right now im gettin liek 1.5 mb... umm whats a good ISP..that does NOT limit you or prohibit you from runnin a server? tlakin bout upload..down im gettin liek 10-13MB
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Only thing i can suggest is find out what companies offer business services. Like cox communications has a busienss service for small, medium and large businesses.
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"stats" in the console shows how much upload is being used.

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