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Mani Admin Plugin v1.2
Please help me.

In the new version of mani admin plugin you have to use the clients.txt
Any idea how to use it ??

Can any one please make a clients.txt for me ??
My Admin name:"rohin"
my password:"rohin"

Yea, if you are still checking this, reply so i know im not wasting my time and i will give you the basic layout.
I would like a good mani config - I have everything setup but it seems likes users connect and then get disconnected. Possible if the round doesnt start correctly or at all.
I am old school with mani.

If you d/l the zi version and use the admingroups/adminlist .txt files fille those out as per the instructions in each file instruct you to do, then add these to your 1.2 version of mani it will incorporate them into the new mani beta and you will be able to use admin and moderate each admin with the appropriate flags.

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