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Queastion about memory
i have a server,, what is the min spec on a server running 14 player

i have a server with PIII 733 with 512 ram internet 10/10 is this to low for a server
if it is what do i haft to do,, can i just put in more mem or do i hafto have more cpu ??

glad for answer

Server: swestockholm @
depending on what tickrate you run the server will do fine on 33 tickrate. 66 tickrate won't make it I think. 100 will definatly not make it.

512MB is enough for 14 players, if you want to run a high tickrate server you will have to upgrade your CPU

Also, what do you mean by 10/10 internet.. KB/s, MB/s, mbps, gbps
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