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How to update server.
Okay we have been tryin for hours to update this server of ours. We are using some control panel. Its not a dedicated server some guy set one up and gave it to us. We cant figure out how to update we tried all the hldsupdatetools. Can anyone guide me?
linux? windows? i your case, normally the GSP(GameServer Provider) updates your server so you don't bother with it. What makes you think its out of date?
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Its window we know its out of date because you try to log into the server and says "Discounet: Server uses different class tables." And there is an update button in the control panel and it says "error cannot find Hldsupdatetool.exe. Even thought its on the front page of the ftp (the page where it has the cstrike folder, hl2 folder ect.) Am i like not putting it in the right area or what am i doing wrong?
This is really something you have to fix with your GSP, we cannot help with these kind of things since we do not know how this GSP works and how they arrange their files and servers.

contact the GSP and they should fix it immediatly
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hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir "D:\Program Files\Steam\srcds"

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