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I had heard that they have been ripping alot of people off. I would avoid them. Just thought I would let ppl know so they wouldnt get screwed.
Can you state exactly what's wrong with them? I never heard of them. But I still want to know what's the main cause you dont like them Smile

By the way, I had to admit, their site design looks pretty good, and the prices are nice Toungue Maybe thats why they are skimping on services...
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lol, they use IDE drives. IDE isn't very advanced Wink

And they're wrong. As much as I prefer linux over windows. linux is not better. belive it or not, srcds runs better and uses less resources than linux srcds because valve isn't all that great in linux coding (hence why there is no native linux client) The coding is just better in the windows server, thats all.
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Well they ripped off my friend by never giving him is server and they still took the money. Also if you read there forum there are many very unhappy people.
They are run by 8 people, and they manage a ton of servers, I don't think they have the resources to deal with the success they've had.
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