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Since the recent update my server doesn't come on the master list any more. i don't have a router. i posted on steam forum. and i have the same ip adress before the update and it came up on the master list. it doesn't even show up in lan. wats the problem can somoene help me.
Since you're not behind a router, i don't think it'll show up in the LAN tab. as far as the master list goes, i think it takes a short while before its on there, I think the database has to update itself. like i've mentioned before, if people can connect, then everything is good
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before the update as soon as i started the server it was on the master list.
if it does take time how long u think it would take.
Servers always show up in LAN as long as you access the list with some machine behind the internet.

About the time it takes, wasn't it something like 15-30 minutes? not sure tho.

You might also want to check every setting, maybe you are missing something small but very important to run the server online, oh noes.
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