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I can't get my server working correctly and I have tried everything. After days of work I finaly got Mani Admin installed (version 1_2 beta) but I cannot assign an admin. I also can not figure out why it won't let anyone but me join the server. My friends say the server is not responding. I followed the video tutorials on and a written tutorial on the steam forums.

I don't know if this will help but I'm running a linksys wirless G router with currently nothing sharing the internet so it's just a router connected to my computer currently. if you need and additional information Ill gladly give it.
first have your server working 100% without mods.
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At least you can help me in getting my server to work 100% and not just tell me i need to do that.
ok, delete your current install, EVERYTHING, just delete the top folder.

1) go here: you'll see 2 boxes under "Getting Started"
2) click the one that corresponds to your OS.
3) follow the instructions there to install a plain SRCDS setup.
4) configure your server.cfg file
5) start your server and see if it works.
6) if it doesn't work copy the error or screen shot it and come back here.
Also make sure your ports are forwarded correctly
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I got everything working now, It's just that randomly my server will crash if an admin uses a command like slapping a player and stuff like that.
u must have an out dated mani admin
it's not outdated at all... its the beta of version 1.2
which 1.2? RC3 is the one you need, not RC2....
Make sure you have done the following...
1) Forwarded all ports
2) Installed it right
3) Try putting an i.p into the ADMIN FILE!

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its rc 2.4 i dont see 3....

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