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Problems setting up dedicated server
I was thinking of setting up my own dedicated server for DoD:S. So I started googling around and game accross this thread.
I followed everything described in there, but my server refuses to run.
I get alot of errors. It's like the server can't find anything. I've checked all the diretories, but everything seems to be there.
Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Here's a screenie of all those errors.

[Image: dodservererror.jpg]
Problem solved..Well, at least, the server is running. Tried it with some friends, average ping of 10...Probably because we all live close together, but it's a nice indication.
Anywayz, I solved the problem by letting the server start with the first map listed in the maplist.txt. I still get a few errors about some animated textures not found, but the server is running and it's having no problems as far as I can see.
Just for your information, these errors, you can ignore them, they do not enchange the game in any way. You will always get these errors at map load or server start.
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Thank you for the reply. I already thought I could ignore those errors, but now I'm certain of it. Thank you.

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