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Rates, Rates, Rates
I would like to know the answer to these questions A.S.A.P. plzkthnx.

I do not want to sound like im promoting a company but I would just like to tell my story.

I am deciding on getting a server from and I wanna get a 40 man 24/7 office. Ive been working on this server (which i run and test at my house right now) for about 6 months so its kinda ready lol. I just dont really know what tick and the rates that i should include to get maximum speed with no lag (or very little) and low latency. I read somewhere (i think on these forums) that if u get a 32 slot server or higher u shouldnt use 100 tick it should be like 66 tick. So was thinking 40 man server with 66 tick. Will that give me trouble or should i keep that? If u want to know more info on my server its this:

Mani-Admin-Plugin 1.2N RC2
The_Wuh's EventScript Tools V0.39
Mattie EventScripts V1.1.1.015w
My custom Auto-Bind key script
Mattie's Napalm Grenades
Ace_Pending Script
Imported_Weapons Script
Knife VS. Script
PS_Shutdown Script
ServerMail Script
(Napalm will be turned on and off on admins command)
I might be adding detox plugin so I can identify a CAL player from a hacker (just a little bit easier)
Also ill be adding the Banning plugins when I get my server/Team registered.

If the rates already come reconfigged then dont worry about it, but if they dont can u guys tell me the rates I should use.

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Much too many mods for that many slots. Better get tick 33 then.


sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxrate 20000
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 30
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well that be enough to support that many players with no lag?
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yes it will be enough.

As Hollanda said, you're running loads and loads of mods, I wouldnt recommend it. just stick to 2 or 3.
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66 tick works fine, I run a 512FPS boosted 66 tick 48 slot server without any problems though. Keep in mind that too many mods on a server (Especially stock CS office ones) will really tick people off.


Quote:Any Game! Public or Private! Only:

1-15 slots $29.95 /month ---

16-32 slots $34.95/month--

33-64 slots $39.95/month --

How is that even possible :| I dont really understand how a 33 slot server can be priced the same as a 64 slot.
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Yeah, im thinking about lowering the scripts down to:
My auto bind script
Imported Weapons
and Server Mail.
Im hoping to make one of the best anti cheat servers available. I hate cheaters. lol

P.S. Also Chco, what mods do u have on your server (and scripts).
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The best anti cheat server is a server with good admins, not mods.

Even though: I dont even see a mod like zBlock on your list, only useless funmods.
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well thats kinda what i meant by best anti-cheat server. I have a text file i typed up for all my admins to view that include information on how to spot and deal with hackers. I got a bunch of demos I made too of a few that ive caught hacking. The useless funmods are to bring more players and the server mail is to mail me if anyone spots a hacker and leaves the hackers steam id and where the demo of the hacker is (website).

But thanks for your help.
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