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Downloading songs
When my clients wants to download songs of my server it goes max 10kbs :s

but the server is 100mbit Down 100mbit up what is wrong :s
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I'll tell you this like i tell everyone else, when an ISP offers you 100mbps its either just from your server to the router, or its 100mbps shared between other clients. 100mbps dedicated (esspecially upload) is VERY expensive thing, its why most places charge $20/mbit so you have burst bandwidth UP TO 100mbps but you won't see it all at once. plus alot of people limit bandwidth to a certain point using QoS at the routers.
So in simple terms, you won't see 100mbps.
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As hollanda said, use sv_downloadurl.

There's a tut on these forums on how to use it
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