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As far as a 44man 66tick css server would you recommend a sv_maxrate of 20000 or 25000?

I was unsure if it was suppose to drop down the larger the server gets.

Given this machine has 2 44man 66tick servers and has 3.3TB of bandwidth each month.
What specs is the server running?
You can probably maintain 25000
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yeh I'd stick with 25k, you'll never get to the 3.3TB per month I think.
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Hey Guys

Server is runing dual opteron 254's with 4 gigs of memory on windows 2003.

When I had both servers set to 40players it was using around 2/2.2TB of bandwidth a month when the maxrate was set to 20000. (given the servers are active 24/7)

The port has been opened up to 100mb and the memory is being used at about 340mb.

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