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Hello folks, I have a question so let me set things up before I ask for a better understanding of what I want to accomplish:

I have been running a stand alone, 24 player Windows dedicated server through a Linksys router for a couple years now. I am running both Beetle's and Mani admin mods with Beetle's as my primary and quite a few other mods and scripts intalled. Recently I installed ZombieMod and it's eating most of my bandwidth up every time a new player joins and the files start downloading.

I have read some things about sv_dowloadurl but if i'm understanding it right, all this does is directs these new players to a web site where they can download the files needed to play and then return to the server to join.

Question: Is there a way to set the server up so the files will upload to the clients automaticly while joining the server rather then being directed to where to get the files?

At this point I have had to turn ZombieMod off because the pings hit the mid 200's when there's 2 or more people downloading the files.

Thank you in advance for you support.
I thought sv_downloadurl sets it up so that instead of downloading from the server, you download from wherever sv_downloadurl points to..?
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yes, that's how it works, if you have it set up correctly the clients will check their files against the server (you may see some lag while this going on, i have no idea how long the check takes) then automatically get redirected. it seems to be pretty fast though.

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