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Hitting that 1000FPS?
Hey, i just finished tweaking my srcds server using the "creating a lag-free hl2 server" guide.

i found it alot of use, but my srcds is topping out at 512fps with tweaks in that gude and the fps unlocker.

Im wondering what else i can do to get closer to the 1000fps mark.. my hardware is pritty nice.

Dualcore intel 2* 3.2Ghz 65NM process 2*2MB
75GB SCSI 15K rpm Hotswap HDD's
Asus P5LD2-VM
2GB 4*512MB DDR2 667Mhz all matched
Windows server 2003 enterprise

any ideas what else i can do? im sure my hardware is capable of outputting more
For windows i think thats it, i've never really seen anything more than 500fps, when i ran a linux hlds server it'd run at 1000FPS with the kernel timer set to 1000 but srcds would stay at 500fps and this was with a dual opteron 252 4GB ram.
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I read something about 1000fps on windows servers on the HLDS mailing list.

Check the ogswatcher submits.
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so, do you think its possible to get it more then 512fps?

im doing an OS reload today in a datacentre so i will be doing some tweaks, i read in that hl mailbox setting mpc multiproccessor drivers is better then acpi
oh it sure is possible to get more than 512 FPS
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im now trying an FX62. Its still giving 512fps

i have also trid MPS multi processor instead of acpi., with no effect. ( but it is more unstable)

im starting to think i need to really do ALOT of windows tweaks, it seems. Well it will sure save me money!

Anyone got any ideas?

I get 700+ fps on a w2k3 dual 248 setup.
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What tweaks? i just got a FX62. i might sell it and get 2 opterons.

i dont want to get opterons only to find you need "secret" tweaks
Do you run a media timer, like Windows Media player? What is the fps_max in the server.cfg ?
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I finally reached 997FPS with my overclocked Opteron 144 LOL

its pritty insaine! ( on my home pc so im only half there)

the ss shows 914 cause it went down when i pressed ps ><

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What did you make to get it 1000fps
I'm always stuck at about 512fps Sad
I also have an Opteron @ 2,7ghz but there seems to be a limit.
I'm using Kernel_Frequenzy Timer. Witouht it I'm stuck at 60fps. lol.
Haham I got it!
How2: Install Windows, when it asks you to press F6 to istall a Raid driver, press F5! F5, not F6!
Chose Standard PC.

You will have 100fps instead of 60fps. (without timer)
And 996fps instead of 512fps (with timer)
I take back my previous post, im recalling before when i ran Gentoo GNU/Linux on one of my servers, srcds would indeed go about 1000fps. Don't ask how I personally did it, I know i made a seriously light kernel, i was using hardware raid10 SCSI drives. I think it was an optimized amd64 glibc that is what helped. It boosted my memory read/write and I recall running the srcds directly on the memory instead of the hard drive. and i also remembered not having swap to keep from paging.

Running it on the memory takes ALOT of know how and i don't recommend doing it unless you know what you're doing. You need to have other things running on the memory as well since your memory has alot more I/O bandwidth than your drives. And if you wish to attempt this, i only recommend it for an amd64 based cpu, not intel's with EM64T. Reason being is because of the much stronger memory controller than intel could have. You can try it, but eh, i still say you're better off trying on an amd64.

I take no responsibility if you break something on your system because i i warned you not to do it.

If you break it, take it to the forums or irc channel of your linux distro.
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Is there a way to modify it without reinstalling to gain 1000fps?

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