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How to disable MOTD?
Yes, I know. Many questions on how you load your website in the MOTD, and all that.
But I do not wish to bother people who join my server with a MOTD, I don't even read those things (and neither does the mayority of the players).

So to save a click and a web page load on the server join, is there any way you can completely disable it so if people would join my server they see the
team select menu right away?

Thanks whoever can help me out.

Don't care how it's done (console commands, mods,...) anything would do.
It has to be done with a plugin, it needs to hook the MOTD load in the engine

however i've never tried to make something like this, nor do I ahve the knowledge to write the code for it
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You need to hide the panel "motd" with a plugin, you wrote. But don't ask me how to do.
I'm running a Gmod9 server, which has Lua as a scripting language. This makes the game very easy to modificate. E.g., I hide the panel "motd", when a player joins - He just see the motd for about 0.1 secs, but then it's closed.
mmm i use the motd to have pulicity inside.
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