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Server Setup in Run
Heres what I typed in run to get my server going. I want my server up for Day of Defeat: Source, but when I put dods in the command line, nothing happends. The only way I can get the server console up is to put dod in the command line. can someone help me!!!!

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game dod -port 27015 -map dod_avalanche -maxplayers 16
You only use "dods" when updating the game. When running it, it works with just "dod".

The same goes for CS:S. It'll start with just "cstrike", but when updating you need "Counter-Strike Source".
Thanks man, just one more thing, I used the ip address that was in my server console to "add server by ip" But no server showed up?

can someone help me????
You have to forward your ports correctly.

third post about the srcds not running with that commandline
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