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Tickrate stuck at 50
hi, I am running a ubuntu 6.06 64bit server with 32bit libs. The server hardware is more than capable of what I am trying to do.

If I set -tickrate to 66 or 100 when viewing net_graph 3, the OUT can reach 100+ fine when running 100tick. But with both 66 and 100 the IN stays at around 50.

Is there something I am forgetting here?

And no, it is not my personal computer which is the problem, as I can get 100tick on other servers.

I think I have added the corrent rate cvars to my server.cfg -

sv_minrate 18000
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minupdaterate 60
sv_maxupdaterate 100

Please Help!!
Could it possibly be your cl_cmdrate is at 50. Cl_cmdrate 100, try that.


thanks for the reply, but no, my cl_cmdrate is definitely above 50.

Basically, the ubuntu is 64bit but I installed 32bit libs with apt-get a few weeks ago. apt-get install ia32-libs or something.
cl_cmd rate is for outbound "tick" which are 100 with you so thats ok.
check if your rate is above 10000, this can limit inbound "tick"

if this all doesnt work you might have to rebuild it with a higher Hz or something, bu I don't know stuff about that.
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rebuild the linux kernel?

can anyone add to this, either how to rebuild my linux kernel for a higher Hz or how to fix this problem.

to further note - sometimes the 'IN' value fell to about 33/s

when I talk about the IN value I mean the value on the right, at the top. I assume this is correct.

This screenshot is when I tried running 66 Tick


yes I do indeed need to rebuild the linux kernel, thanks. If I run 'stats' in console I only get 50fps which relates to the 50 tickrate.

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