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Hey guys i got a Source Dedicated Server... I got everything to work except one thing.. The hardest thing for me is to get the real server ip so that I can give away to my friends and other people so that they can join my server.. Please if you know, explain it in steps in the most understanable way you can. Thanks.. I've had this server for about 3 years without the server ip and no one playing in here. And if you have any questions or something else.. add rithblu to your xfire..// Thanks
windows type ipconfig in cmd, or will work.
So i go to tools, download "source Dedicated Server", I put the game as "Counter-Strike Source" Server name Counter-Strike: Source dedicated server, map de_dust, network "Internet" "I got cable internet/wireless" max players 20, port 27015, Rcon Password "CSS" Then i start server . . . .. When its done downloading.... The ip thats given is, is that ip only for me?. Ok now I want my friends to play in my server, but i dont know how to get my server ip, I go to that link you gave me, and when my friends try to join my server, it says something like "Failed after four retries" So thats the most and biggest problem for me. So please if you know write it down here, Thanks, it really fustaerated me when i first downloaded and didnt see no one join my server. Now I know the reason.
Yeah im really sorry I couldnt be of more help. It really looks like you need to change some settings on your router to open up the right port.

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