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cs:s server ping booster
hi !
im searching program like ping booster for css server, or ping booster version for css. plz give me some links. thx !

btw search ( not working for me.

sry 4 my bad english.
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Your best off recompiling the linux kernel (best increase in performance) or adding the -pingboost 3 (2 or 1) to your command line startup.

Changing the Hz in your linux kernel can increase your server fps to 1000 in some cases, so that is your best bet for boosting.

Search google on recompiling your particular kernel depending on your linux distribution.

Put this into the console:

uname -r

Should get output like linux-2.x.x-XX

X/x= some numbers

Search those first 2.X numbers on google and find out how to recompile the kernel from source. The Hz file that you want to edit is usually located here:


Post your linux distribution up here and any other questions and I think we can all help you out.
if i type uname -r , it says:
but i have only shell it is not my computer then i dont think i can recompile kernel, can i ?

how work "-pingboost" command and which parameter (1 or 2 or 3) i should use?

if you have root access you can recompile.
i haven't
so can u tell me how works -pingboost 3 (2 or 1) ?
helllo does anyone lives here?
patgaw Wrote:helllo does anyone lives here?

hello i'm doing great, how are you? try google if you can't wait for answers, this is the second hit:
How come you don't have root access on webperoni... all their dedicated packages have root access
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-pingboost commands no longer with with SRCDS.. Wrong forum.
I use -pingboost on all my servers, including my srcds servers. so what are you talking about?
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Adam[CEO Wrote:]
-pingboost commands no longer with with SRCDS.. Wrong forum.

yeah i think this way too, then i create this topic

addionaly i added -pingboost 2 to my server parametrs and i cannot see any difference

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