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stats logging is causing my DOD:S server to lag horribly
Hey guys -

When I place the following in the autoexec.cfg of the server, the server is lagging HORRIBLY even when there is only 1 or two players in it (CPU utilization is apparently spiking all the way up to 50% on a dual xeon 2gb ram box that it's hosted on):

log 1

I'd like to retain web stats logging, but it's killing the server and people hate it. My GSP has said they can't figure out the problem and refuse to help me out, suggesting I need a whole dedicated box for what I'm doing. All I have is DOD:S with HLStatsX, mani mod and a couple other mods (goremod, fakeclients, and statsmeminimum for action stats). With no errors listed in the log, it makes a log file of about 450-600k on the webserver in an hour, which I think is pretty minimal considering how many players connect to my gameserver and the data transferred for that. It's a 66 tick rate server, if that helps.

Any help appreciated!
This is HLstatsX logging and all HLstatsX does is get all console messages via rcon to a sepparate webserver. This has nothing to do about logs on the gameserver.

Did the host open up the HLstatsX port (normally 27501) on the gameserver ?

TS: don't listen to exaxxion, he's only trying to sell his shit here (he's only nice to people who he thinks he can sell to). You definitaly don't need a complete server for doing this.
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Yeah. The way I understand it is the hlstatsx script is connecting to the server and retrieving the info. After about an hour with max players, I see about 600kB of data written to each log, which to me is pretty minimal. I mean, it's text, over an hour.. which comes out to less than 1kB a second if I did the math right. That is taking less than a normal client would, IIRC.

I couldn't use 27500 or 501, I am using another port that is opened up and not in use thats in the 27500-27600 range.

I thought this explanation was totally way out. Now the guy won't even respond to my tickets. I'm definitely moving GSP's, and for anyone that's listening, I do not recommend You get what you pay for! An extra $0.25/slot will get you way better performance elsewhere, and responsiveness. The server is so locked down that anything I want to add to the server, TS has to do for me (adding anything with a DLL is not allowed via ftp - that means mani mod, meta mod, any plugins for either mod, etc). It creates more work for them, and more of a wait time for customers.

The funny thing is, I can't reproduce this problem on my 512mb 3.4GHZ HT machine at home running a 20 man server with hlstatsx. I tried last night, filled the server decently (about 10-12 people) and it handled it just fine. This same machine was running a teamspeak server, as well. I don't know what Teamservers is doing, or if they are just mismanaging Windows, but I have no idea what the problem is with their setups.
Are you sure the right port is open on the gameserver?
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