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ok so im using the console of srcds...umm but there are some commands i use frequently such changelevel or sv_password ..umm is there any way to bind the command so i dont have to type the whole command out everytime?
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bind key "command in quotes if using a space" should do the trick.
yeah thats the first thing i tried
bind \ "changelevel scoutzknivez"
but when i hit \ only \ shows in console
oh and is there any other program i can use instead of the RUN window...that i can manage my server w/
besides HLSW
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don't hit your bind when you are in the console, use your bind key when you're in the game. if you are in console, whatever you type shows up on the line, your binds don't work.
you cant bind in the SRCDS

you have to put aliases in your config.

Alias "cm" "changelevel"

when you type cm scoutzknivez it changes to that map
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duh sorry for some reason i thought this was in game.....
ooo so that means i CAN sorta bind it? hehe
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