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Can't get my server to show on steam master server list
my server isn't showing up. I just bought a new router since the other router broke and port forward all the ports and firewall is off but can't see it on steam master server list and no can connect. please help.
Well just one bit of advice ninety nine percent of the time you wont be able to see your own server in the master list. What ip did u give your friends to connect to the server? Are you sure it was the external? What kind of router did u get now?
My friends said they couldn't see it on the master server list either. the router I got is a Linksys WRT54G v.5.
I know with linksys routers after you type in the ports u need forwarded there is also an enable button you have to click. Plus you also have to disable wan request which is under the advanced tab.
I did that. If It says Connection to Steam Servers Successfully does that mean it is showing on the steam master server list?
Yes, it does.


alright thanks.
hey now my clan members saying they can't connect to my server. Can someone from this site try to connect to my server.

[DTA] Clan server Recruiting DM

I am losing clan members cause of this problem.
Nothin responded. Did you check to see if your external IP changed?
I see it up. US - Cox Communications


the IP is still the same. I'm going to hook my computer directly back up to the modem without the router.
Well, I saw it. It was working fine..


no router > router

why did you buy a new one?
switch would be cheaper and much better
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my internet company don't susport switches cause I got 1 of those and I took my old router a part and fixed it so it works now and people can see my server on steam master server list. Can you tell if the rates are set right by looking at the net graph in the game? if you can. Can you tell me if they look like the rates are set right by looking at this picture of the net graph.

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