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Im confused Sad ok so this uses a different system then the simpilar dedicated server? The one you download off of steam tools list? I want to know how to get that one to work not this complex version i just wasted a day of my time on someone plz help me out preferable a staff member.
well the staff members arent here very often. they do check in every so often to see how things are going, but thats mostly at night. There is the steam dedicated server which is very buggy, constantly crashes, is a resource hog, and it just The standalone version you seemed to have tried to download is not complex at all. And once you actually get it running you will be way more pleased with it. What are the troubles you are having and maybe i can be of some help. I have been running multiple standalone servers for quite some time now. And have helped more then one person get one up and running. Plugins included.
Don't worry bout it mate, there are enough other ppl other than staff that can help with your problem Smile

Also when you use the tutorial on setting up a standalone, it isn't that hard, just read it very well and follow the instructions exactly. If you have any problems just post on these forums and we will most likely give an answer on how to fix it
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ok i got standalone working and all but i cant figure out the server.cfg thing i dont have that and dont get how to maake it...Also tyhe mani plugin so I can make myself an admin and be able to change maps. Thats what im haveing issues with otherwise i have it downloaded updated and everything.
to do the server.cfg go here.
A member here named skeletor created it. It's point and click then copy and paste. As for mani u add admins to the adminlist.txt file. Either by ip or steam id. To change maps u can use the command ma_map "mapname"
Now the admin and the Rcon password confuse me how do u set the rcon password?
The admin i cant find the file u mentond and sorry bout the new post wont let me edit old one

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