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What is a good place for colocation in terms of bandwidth, location within the US and service (as well as price).

colo4dallas is pretty good, located centrally with tier1 providers.
We colo in equinox in chicago.
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i guess the next question to kimball is where are you? also, where do you want the server to be colocated?

note that colo prices will be a lot higher than the prices for dedicated servers that you see online. that is normally because people that use colo know exactly how much data they will be transferring and buy that amount whereas a lot of dedicated places will oversell bandwidth knowing that people that may have 2000Gb transfer will never use all of it (generally speaking).

so you will see places that advertise a server with 2000Gb transfer for $150, while a colo will charge you for each rack U in addition to $100/Mb of transfer at 95th% billing (that is a whole other story to go into).

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