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help please with server files.
This is for CSS

when people come on my server they download everthing except for the map .bsp this only happens with added maps but the .bsp is in the maps folder? so no one can connect? i says could not find ".bsp" and disconnects you.

also. iv seen some servers where you can shoot vending machines and furniture and it moves alot. how do you make that happen? like making barracades. is they any setting that sets the weight of items like vending machines or anything?

and finally for some reason the sky on my server is all glitchy? like moving squares? but on all other servers its fine?
hmm thats alot of errors for one server lol

maybe you should try reinstalling it.
Also start a clean server.cfg if you are using a messy one now, it could cause trouble (had it before with the sky, was something wrong in my server.cfg)
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maybe, sv_allowdownload 1 sv_allowupload 1.

Is the res file in the right place?

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