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i heard that if u run vac it slows down heaps of stuff.
is this true?

like i could support more people, more tickrate and less cpu ussage
I dont really think that is true. I mean it could be, but I have not heard of it "slowing down heaps of stuff". I imagine it takes lil bit of bandwidth to run it but I dont think it would be noticeable. It's also not very good to have it off as it leaves the door wide open for source hackers. People will be aimbotting all over your server and that's no fun.
yeah i know many hacker will join but i mean like its just slow u could do more stuff if u didn't have it
I dont think it would make a noticeable difference as it prolly doesn't use much bandwidth. But I could be wrong so we will see what other people say. You bring an interesting question to the table.
It's not noticeable. It's like a Virus Scanner but it's on Server Side, and scans your Memory for Scripts...
indeed, no human can ever notice it
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