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help me pls
ok so i bought cs source online by steam. i gave all the details and when it finished they told me that steam was ready to download the game. wasn't it supposed to send me a dvd with the game?? or downloading is the only way??
it gets downloaded and may take quite a while depending on your connection.
yes, but do they send me a dvd with the game later? or is downloading the only way?
If you buy it online you dont get the DVD i believe. You have to download it.
sounds crappy, what if i had dial-up Smile) , and another thind is that it asked me for my home address, i think i will receive dvd Big Grin (i hope)
nope no dvd, but now you can log into steam on any computer and install it! Big Grin
so why did they ask me for my home address if they are not sending me the dvd????
Because they just keep client information, same as when you buy something online with a vendor
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if you paid with a credit card they use the home/billing address to verify that it wasn't stolen.
LOL ok i have to comment on this..haha oh man..ok No your not getting a dvd lol if u lose your info or w/e u cam just redownload it thats whats kool about steam. anyway if you have dial up your screwed man casue cs is about 800mb witch will take about 48hours or more to download lol anyways just thout id comment on this i love to get a good laugh once in a while..haha
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